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PhaseBox One Wallbox

PhaseBox is an advanced charger for electric and hybrid cars. It fits well in private homes, communal housing, or company parking lots.

The design speaks for itself. Distinct and obvious, without excessive exaggeration.

The charger is easy to use. The spiralised cable protects you from dirt and cables laying on the ground.

PhaseBox introduces a new and unique function; Automatic Phase Selection. The new functionality helps to utilise available power. The Phase Selection works fully automatic when charging.

When looking for an efficient, compact, easy-to-use charger that also sports beautiful design, PhaseBox is the right choice for you.




PhaseBox is one of the smallest chargers on the market. It blends into modern as well and classic environments.


PhaseBox is one of the smallest chargers on the market. It blends into modern as well and classic environments.


The product is fully compliant to IEC 61851-1/21. Heavy-duty components used.


Robust design, dust and water-proof to IP66. It's also certified to IK10, making it "vandal-proof".

Cloud-based portal

Manage charging data and statistics. You can also manage RFID tags and access permissions.

Built-in MID-meter

Meter is approved for debiting and accounting.


Easy to use

The spiralised cord means that you never have to drag a clumsy cable harness around on the ground. Also, it's easy to put the handle in the holder.

Safety and quality

A charger for electric cars must work for many years outdoors, in rain, heat, cold, snow and ice. These are demanding conditions, and high power also runs through the charger, regardless of the season.



MID-Certified Energy Meter

There are many cases where an energy meter is needed. Sometimes, you have to separate the house's energy declaration from the energy used for charging. Another use case may be to report the charging of a company car.

Automatic Phase Selection

When you add the phase selection option, PhaseBox automatically switches to the phases with the highest available power, if you have a car that charges in one or two phases.




Using the portal, you get an overview of how the charging progresses. At the same time, all data around the charging is saved to the database. You can change settings and customise how the box works, for example with current limitation and which phase selection strategy to use. If you have several boxes, you will see them all in one smooth overview. When you need to get history, you can either search directly in the portal or download in various file formats, including PDF and Excel.

Dynamic Power Management

The optional power management in PhaseBox is a smart way to minimise charging time by making sure all available power is utilised. PhaseBox continuously reads how much power the house draws via a meter on the building's grid connection. This way, PhaseBox constantly regulates the amount of power used for charging. The power management works together with PhaseBox's unique function for automatic phase selection.



Sometimes you want to control the charging box so that not everyone can charge. Using PhaseBox, you can offer users contactless charging tags that work with "RFID". You decide what tags can start certain boxes. A typical use case is a company with a number of charging boxes on a parking lot. Employees with electric cars can start charging regardless of which charging box they park at.

Good-looking installation

The charging box will be in use for many years. We suggest you take a few extra steps to make a nice-looking installation. Discuss with the installer about the opportunities to, for example, hide the cables or the best way to connect WiFi.


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