How it all began


My name is Mikael Nordanåker, and I am the one who started and developed PhaseBox.

The story of PhaseBox started when I ordered a Tesla after I sold my company a few years ago. I was planning to reward myself with a German-made sports car. However, the family told me I just had to look at a Tesla. As everyone else said, I also started the usual "But hey, you're not getting anywhere!", and started mumbling about extension cords. But then I read up on the concept and realised I was completely wrong.

It was a life-changing experience to drive an electric car. All my biased ideas about cars, transport, climate, and the environment were completely turned upside down.

I drove several rallies around Europe, including Electric Marathon from Kiev to Monaco. The purpose of the Electric Marathon is to inform about e-mobility and the environment by showing different electric cars on streets and squares and at the same time offer test drives. The finish line was up at the castle in Monaco and Prince Albert himself received when we went to the finish. Of course, this type of event get lot of attention where it draws out and contributes to disseminating information about e-mobility.

That year, I covered more than 80 000 km, visited 19 countries and over 90 different Superchargers around Europe.

Moving forward

I felt that I wanted to be part of the change towards a fossil-free society and do something good for the future. Through my experiences of actually using an electric car under very different conditions, I had several ideas about room for improvement around home charging. Most boxes on the market are clumsy, and something you prefer to hide. They are often unnecessarily large and do not adorn their place. Sometimes they are complicated to use with a long cord that litter on the ground.

Too me, products must be relevant and innovative, while the design should not be there for its own sake but be an apparent and beautiful consequence of the function. I also think design should make you proud of your product, and contribute to the good feeling about a purchase.

The result of the work is "PhaseBox". There have been many working hours, sleepless nights, and prototypes that have gone up in smoke. Without the fantastic support from my family, it would never have been possible to develop PhaseBox. Thanks!

The journey is the goal

Now the business is moving, the company is growing, and we have satisfied customers. My ambition is that we will be the leading manufacturer in the segment with a little bit lavish charging boxes, including relevant functionality. We shall be the obvious choice for demanding customers.

With this, I invite you to take a closer look at the design and the unique features so that you can think for yourself how PhaseBox could fit you.

—- Mikael Nordanåker