Terms of purchase

Valic from 2020-11-01

1 Parties

These Purchase Terms apply to all individual agreements for the purchase of goods or services made between a customer, “The customer”, “you”, “your”, and PhaseBox AB with organisational number 556431-1693, Falsterbovägen 4, 239 33 Skanör, "We", "us", "ours", "ours" or "the seller", where the Customer resides outside the territory of Sweden. The Customer and the Seller are collectively referred to as the "Parties".

2 Terms of sale

2.1 These terms of sale, the "Terms of Sale", apply to the Seller's sales of charging box, charging post, charging station, charging cable or other optional equipment (collectively "Charging equipment") to the Customer, and for installation services in connection with the purchase of Charging Equipment ("Installation"). Deviations from the Terms of Sale must be made in writing in the individual agreement between the Parties to be valid and apply in such case before the paragraphs of these terms.

2.2 The seller may update the Terms of Sale from time to time. It is in the nature of things that this may occur after the Parties have entered into an agreement. It's always the most recently published Terms of Sale that are valid and it is the Customer's obligation be updated on the latest version of the Terms of Sale. The current version of the Terms of Sale will be available to be available on the Seller's website, phasebox.eu

3 Entering agreement

3.1 When purchasing Charging Equipment or Installation, the Customer must provide information about name, social security number, organisational number (if applicable), address of residence, telephone number and email address. the installation address must also be available when ordering installation Services.

3.2 When ordering via PhaseBox's website, PhaseBox confirms the purchase by sending an order confirmation and an invoice to the Customer. Agreements are not considered to be entered into between The parties until an order confirmation has been sent by e-mail to the Customer's specified e-mail address.

4 Delivery

4.1 PhaseBox delivers throughout the European Economic Area in accordance with this agreement. The customer is asked to contact PhaseBox for other sales or delivery outside the European Economic Area.

5 Prices, payment and transfer of ownership

5.1 All prices for Charging Equipment are stated in PhaseBox's current price list. The current price list is updated regularly and is available on phasebox.eu PhaseBox reserves the right to make printing errors, incorrect price information and sold out items.

5.2 PhaseBox has the right to charge a shipping and handling fee when ordering on phasebox.eu.

5.3 Payment is made using available payment methods on phasebox.eu. All payment is made in EUR.

5.4 Payment must be received by PhaseBox no later than the due date stated in the invoice (20 days after the invoice date). (Applicable if payment method "invoice" is used).

5.5 If payment is not made on time, PhaseBox, from the due date stated in the invoice, is entitled to interest in accordance with the Swedish Interest Act (1975: 635), and compensation for the costs associated with the delay and a reminder and collection fee in accordance with law.

5.6 PhaseBox may conduct customary credit checks on potential buyers. PhaseBox has the right to refuse the purchase of Charging Equipment or Installation.

5.7 The ownership of the Charging Equipment is transferred to the Customer when payment is completed.

6 Warranty, Faults

6.1 An item must be considered defective if it deviates from the Charging Equipment's operating instructions. The instructions for use are included with the product upon delivery. Service shall be deemed to be incorrect if it deviates from the description of what is included in the service that appears on PhaseBox's website.

6.2 The charging equipment may only be used in accordance with the operating instructions. Charging equipment may only be used for charging the type(s) of electric car and with the amperage for which the Charging Equipment is constructed. If the charging equipment is used to charge electric cars of another type or with an amperage other than that for which the Charging Equipment is designed, the Customer is alone responsible for any damage to the Charging Equipment and the rechargeable car. The seller is not responsible for any consequential damage that may occur to equipment other than the Charging Equipment.

6.3 A Customer has a two (2) years right of complaint calculated from the day when the Customer received the product in his possession respectively from the time a service is completed. Complaints must be made within a reasonable time. A Customer who complains within two (2) months of the fault being discovered or should have been discovered shall be deemed to have complained within a reasonable time.

6.4 For incorrectly reported goods or services where the stated error can be determined, it is due to or derived to circumstances that depend on the Customer, PhaseBox will require payment from the Customer based on the time allotted.

7 Responsibility

7.1The parties are liable to each other in accordance with provisions of Swedish law, however with the following limitations: PhaseBox is not responsible for errors, interruptions, disturbances, power quality and the like attributable to other service providers, including, but not limited to, electricity suppliers, electricity producers, electricity network providers and Internet providers; and PhaseBox is also not responsible for damages or losses incurred Customer due to incorrect use, including, but not limited to, incorrect charging, faulty equipment in the car, computer viruses and the like.

7.2 PhaseBox is not responsible for an individual electric car being able to be charged with the Charging Equipment. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the electric cars intended for charging are compatible with the charging equipment. PhaseBox is not liable for damages that arise due to the electric car and the charging equipment are not fully compatible.

7.3 PhaseBox has no obligation to fulfil the agreement with the Customer if this is prevented by circumstances beyond PhaseBox's control, including, but not limited to fire, war, military operations, riots, strike, lockout, natural disasters, including lightning and floods, major disruptions or technical disruptions systems or IT systems that PhaseBox could not have avoided or managed without unreasonable costs or which PhaseBox could not foresee when the agreement was signed.

8 Customer obligations

8.1 It's the Customer's responsibility to ensure the following: That the place where the Charging Equipment is to be installed is suitable for Installation of the Charging Equipment. That personnel from PhaseBox, or persons appointed by PhaseBox, have the necessary access to a place for Installation of the Charging Equipment. That any necessary permission from the landlord, tenant-owner association or other relevant rights holders are available at the latest when the Installation begins. To perform such actions (which are not the responsibility of PhaseBox under this Agreement) that are necessary for Installation of the Charging Equipment (for example measures on a building or electrical system). This includes such measures as are necessary to prevent damage to person or other property.

8.2 The Customer is responsible for the following: That the place for Installation of the Charging Equipment is on a property where the Customer is the plaintiff owner, or that all the necessary permits as above exist. That all necessary information and that all supporting documents prior to the Installation are correct. That the measures that it is the Customer's responsibility to perform have been carried out correctly. That any materials and / or tools provided by the Customer are correct. That the place where the Installation of the Charging Equipment is to be carried out is suitable for the purpose. The Customer is liable for damages caused by the Customer's liability under this section not being complied with. The Customer is also responsible for all delays, costs and claims that arise as a result of other deficiencies in the Customer's obligations under this agreement. If damage occurs to property other than the Charging Equipment The Customer must notify PhaseBox of the damage within 2 weeks at the latest.

9 Processing of personal data

9.1 PhaseBox will process personal data in accordance with at all times applicable legislation on the processing of personal data [1]. The customer agrees through this agreement that PhaseBox processes the Customer's personal data, such as name, social security number, address and telephone number, for the purposes set out below. Grounds for PhaseBox 'processing of personal data is the Customer's consent and because it is necessary for the fulfilment of the Terms of Sale. If the Customer withdraws his consent, PhaseBox may continue to process the Customer's personal data to the extent necessary to fulfil the obligations arising from the Terms of Sale and by law. Personal information which PhaseBox acquires in connection with the agreement and thereafter will be dealt with by PhaseBox to that extent required to fulfil the agreement and to secure PhaseBox's rights. Personal data may also be processed for market and customer analyses, business management, business development and risk management. Processing of personal data can also be done for purposes relating to direct marketing with the Customer's consent For more information about e.g. Customer rights due to PhaseBox's processing of the Customer's personal data is referred to PhaseBox's current data policy which is available on phasebox.eu.

10 Applicable law and dispute resolution

10.1 These terms of sale are governed by Swedish law.

10.2 In the first instance, the Parties shall endeavor to reach an agreement in good faith.

10.3 The Customer can contact ARN, The Swedish "Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden", arn.se. They provide help and guidance in disputes. The Seller undertakes to comply with ARN's guidance, advice and decisions.
Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm

10.4 If a dispute that cannot be resolved as above arises due to the Terms of Purchase, they are ultimately decided by a Swedish general court with Malmö District Court as the first instance.

[1] Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on protection for natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the outdoors the flow of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and at any time additional legislation and regulations.