Configure your PhaseBox and choose the options that suit you.


PhaseBox is an advanced charging box intended for home charging. It is equally suitable for a villa, an apartment building, or a company car park. PhaseBox charges 11 kW in one, two or three phases. The built-in spiral cord is four meters long and has a "Type2 connector", which makes it suitable for most electric and hybrid cars.

Small and Compact

Blends into both modern and classic environments.

Only 80mm thick, which contributes to the elegant look.

Easy to use

Equipped with spiralised cord. That means you never have to keep track of a several meters long cable littering the driveway or the garage floor.

Technology and Quality

Possibility to connect different phases depending on what the car can handle and what the house is fused for.

Software updates "OTA", Over The Air.


Choose the options that are important for your specific charging needs.



Selectable 3,7 - 11 kW


400 x 103 x 80 mm


3,5 kg, including cable


Sprialised, four meters

Cable holder


Grid connection

230/400 V 50 Hz 16 A

Operating temperature range

-25 °C to +40 °C

DC leakage protection

External earth fault protector for added security

(See options)

Phase Selection

Automatic or manual

Contact type

Fits all Type 2 equipped cars

Charging standard

Mode 3, IEC 61851-1

Dust, water, and impact protection.

IP66, IK10

Overvoltage category


Charge at home subsidies

Yes, fulfils the requirements. (Applicable to Sweden)


2 years warranty