Frequently Asked Questions

The Wallcharger (7)

Easy to use, High-tech, Beautiful

What power can I charge with?
How can PhaseBox be so small? Most other chargers seem to be 2-3 times larger?
Can I charge if the charging cable or plug is damaged?
What are the dimensions of PhaseBox One?
Where is PhaseBox developed?
How is the software updated?
What do the colors of the LED-indicator mean?

Use cases (7)

Villa, apartment building or business?

We are a company with three electric cars and four hybrids. Is PhaseBox the right choice for us?
Does PhaseBox work with all cars?
Why do I need a charging box? My car came with a charging cable, isn't that enough?
I need to charge at the summer house. Do I need a charging box there as well?
Why should I choose PhaseBox?
What can I do to avoid unauthorised charging?

Charging (6)

The car is magically fully charged every morning.

What time does it take to charge?
How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
How much electricity does the car use while driving?
How much power is needed to charge?
There is a lot of talk about kW and kWh, what is the difference?
How does AC and heating affect the energy consumption in an electric car?

Payment and delivery (3)

Flexible payment solution using Klarna

How can I puchase a PhaseBox?

You can buy PhaseBox directly in the webshop. If you are a company, you can order against an invoice. In that case, send us an email at

How is my PhaseBox delivered?
Do I need to pay for shipping?

Installation (5)

Make a beautiful installation.

I want a nice installation. Can I hide the mains cable?
How do I find an installer?
What mounting options are available for PhaseBox?
Is lightning protection needed?
Can PhaseBox be placed outdoors?

Options (5)

Customise PhaseBox with powerful options.

How is the energy meter useful?
What does it mean that the meter in PhaseBox is MID-approved?
What can I do in the portal?
How can I manage RFID tags in the portal?
Can I see what charges I have made?

Dynamic Power Management (4)

Utilise available power

When should I choose dynamic power management?
How often is the charging current adjusted?
How does the charger know how much power is available?
Does load balancing work in conjunction with phase selection?

Automatic Phase Selection (5)

A world's first for wallboxes!

What is the benefit of automatic phase selection?
What is a phase strategy?
What phase strategies are available?
Does phase selection affect the local grid in any way?
What are the advantages of automatic phase selection in an apartment building or a car park?

Errors and issues (4)

You are in safe hands.

What do I do if charging doesn't start?
The LED indicator on PhaseBox isn't on.
The PhaseBox LED indicator blinks red. What do I do?
I would like to stop the charging. What do I do?

Long journeys by electric car (4)

How far do you get?

Is it possible to make long journeys with an electric car?
Don't you charge the car full at every stop? That's what you do using a fossil car.
What do I do if I get range anxiety?
Can you drive on the Autobahn with an electric car? How far do you get between the charges?