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Stabilisation of local distribution

In addition to several valuable features for the user, such as a MID meter and the option to use dynamic power management, PhaseBox has a unique function called "Automatic Phase Selection". The charger can connect phases for charging independently of each other, for example, L2 + L3 from mains to L1 + L2 to the car. Another example is L1 + L3 from mains to L1 + L2 to the car. Of course, it is also possible to route L2 or L3 to L1 when charging using one phase. To the user, this means improved flexibility.

PhaseBox can select phases automatically by engaging the least loaded phases when charging with one or two phases.

Automatic Phase Selection theoretically means that stabilisation of the local distribution net will happen automatically if several PhaseBox charging stations are deployed within a specific local area.

How does charging electric cars affect the grid?

If a car is charged using three phases, there will of course not be any effect on the phase balance. However, all consumers who go through one or two phases can make an impact. In normal circumstances, this is not a problem because high power consumers are only running for a short time, e.g. a vacuum cleaner. However, rechargeable cars that charge with one or two phases can do so for a long time, perhaps 8-10 hours at full power. Several cars that charge using one or two phases will, in the worst case, skew the local distribution network and thus limit the local capacity.

Some PhaseBoxes deployed in a distribution area will autonomously switch to the lowest loaded phases, if charging one- och two-phase cars, leading to an automatic stabilisation effect and thus capacity increase.

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