Engineering work as a piece of art

There are many ways to design products. A typical route is to make it easy for yourself and do like everyone else. The result is usually mediocre, nothing you become proud of, neither as a manufacturer nor as a customer.

We have done the opposite. We started with the underlying need and sketched out what a solution could look like and how it should work. For example, we quickly concluded that the charger must blend into the environment so that it complements its presence, not something you have to hide and almost be ashamed of.

PhaseBox is small and compact. It's only 80mm deep to the wall. It's black, which makes it look even smaller. PhaseBox is packed with advanced features, such as a MID-certified meter and power management. We believe this is the way to make good products. Products to be proud of.

Wants drive development

Developing a product that truly meets customer needs and wants requires a lot of work. For example, compromises must be regarded as challenges to be solved, not a way to sweep the underlying problems under the carpet.

The result is a compact and efficient charger with a sleek design. It has the right functionality which at the same time adorns its place, wherever it is placed.


Easy to use

The spiralised cord means that you never have to drag a clumsy cable harness around on the ground. Also, it's easy to put the handle in the holder.

A visible indicator constantly shows the status of the charger.
Solid Green - Ready to use Flashing green - Preparing to charge.
Discreet blue flashing - Charging in progress.

The indicator is visible in the middle of the day and automatically adjusts light intensity when it gets dark

Safety and quality

A charger for electric cars must work for many years outdoors, in rain, heat, cold, snow and ice. These are demanding conditions, and high power also runs through the charger, regardless of the season.

When charging, heat is generated and some chargers become hotter than others. We at PhaseBox believe that heat generation is an example of a property that differs low from high quality in the charger. It is not visible, but a cheap box with cheap components have higher heat generation and will probably have a shorter service life and thus be less safe.

The construction in PhaseBox is uncompromising. Many components are instead over-specced, such as relays, contacts, protection circuits and circuit boards. Another example is that PhaseBox is dust and waterproof to IP66. In other words, this means many years of trouble-free and safe use.



MID-Certified Energy Meter

There are many cases where an energy meter is needed. Sometimes, you have to separate the house's energy declaration from the energy used for charging. Another use case may be to report the charging of a company car.

You can read the energy consumption of the meter directly through a window on the side of the charger. This is another unique feature in PhaseBox. A standard PhaseBox only configured with an energy meter may be the easiest solution for those who have to report energy consumption when charging.

The energy meter in PhaseBox is a high-quality device from the Italian company Carlo Gavazzi. The meter is "MID-certified", which means it's approved for debiting and declaring a company car.

Automatic Phase Selection

When you add the phase selection option, PhaseBox automatically switches to the phases with the highest available power, if you have a car that charges in one or two phases.

The phase selection feature is invaluable if you have a house with an imbalance between the phases. Phase selection is also perfect for multi-family garages or company car parks where the charging power must be restricted and balanced based on how much power is available.

Phase selection works with all cars and to the user, it works transparently and automatically. You can also choose exactly which phases you want to use for charging.




Using the portal, you get an overview of how the charging progresses. At the same time, all data around the charging is saved to the database. You can change settings and customise how the box works, for example with current limitation and which phase selection strategy to use. If you have several boxes, you will see them all in one smooth overview. When you need to get history, you can either search directly in the portal or download in various file formats, including PDF and Excel.

A PhaseBox connected to the portal over WiFi always has access to automatic updates and new features. This means that the box is regularly updated with the new software releases. Everything happens automatically. You do not have to do anything for it to work, other than enjoying new features. By connecting PhaseBox, you get access to a variety of options to control and monitor the charging process of your car. You also get a smooth overview of all charge events.

Dynamic Power Management

The size of the main fuses in a building determines available power. Charging an electric car can consume lots of power. Without power management, the house and charging cars car must share available power. This can lead to overload and the main fuses tripping.

The most common way to solve the problem is to turn down the power used for charging. This is sometimes called static load balancing. However, the charging process is not monitored so there is a still a risk that the main fuses will blow anyway. Meanwhile, the available power is never used because of the safety threshold. It takes longer to charge, and it does not fully utilise available power.

The optional power management in PhaseBox is a smart way to minimise charging time by making sure all available power is utilised. PhaseBox continuously reads how much power the house draws via a meter on the building's grid connection. This way, PhaseBox constantly regulates the amount of power used for charging. The power management works together with PhaseBox's unique function for automatic phase selection.



Sometimes you want to control the charging box so that not everyone can charge. Using PhaseBox, you can offer users contactless charging tags that work with "RFID". You decide what tags can start certain boxes. A typical use case is a company with a number of charging boxes on a parking lot. Employees with electric cars can start charging regardless of which charging box they park at.

RFID tags are also a great way to prevent unauthorised charging, for example, some stranger using your charging box.

In the portal, it's easy to get an overview of charging box and user tag usage.

Good-looking installation

A charging box is a fixed installation and must be installed by a qualified electrician. You can choose to buy your PhaseBox directly from us and have your electrician install the box. You can also let us take care of the installation. We work with selected installers to make sure installation work is done as good as possible.

The charging box will be in use for many years. We suggest you take a few extra steps to make a nice-looking installation. Discuss with the installer about the opportunities to, for example, hide the cables or the best way to connect WiFi.



Earth Fault Breaker

When installing and using a charging box, there is a legal requirement to protect against so-called DC fault currents. The requirement exists to maximise safety and prevent accidents. There are a couple of different ways to solve this:

1) Built-in detection of fault current in the charge box complemented with an external "ordinary" earth fault circuit breaker of type A.

2) An external earth fault breaker type B, or an earth fault circuit breaker with built-in DC fault current protection

At PhaseBox, we believe that option 2 is safer than option 1. The first option "works when it works", so to say. If for some reason there is a fault in the charge box, there is a risk the protection will not work as intended. If you instead use an external earth fault breaker, the protection circuit is completely independent of the charge box and thus unquestionably safer.

We propose a solution using an external earth fault circuit breaker from the German manufacturer “Doepke”. The device is specifically designed to protect from DC fault currents. Marginally more expensive, but we h ave never seen any reason to bargain on security over price. You can select it in the configurator.

PhaseBox Development

With PhaseBox, we have built a platform for electric car charging. We will launch additional models based on the platform. Without revealing too much, we see great opportunities in the future to further utilise our function for automatic phase selection, not only for home charging but also in large installations involving many PhaseBoxes. The functionality provides many benefits for tenant-owner associations and municipal car parks.

When you are looking for a charger that is stylish, easy to use and with the future in sight, then PhaseBox is the right choice!